We have a wide selection of glasses frames, lenses, sunglasses, safety glasses, swimming goggles, low vision devices, and even cheaters.  We have experts on hand to help you throughout the selection and fitting process.  Let one of our professional opticians or dispensers help you select the perfect frame and lens combination for your unique needs.

We provide complimentary maintenance and adjustments for glasses that have been purchased from our office.  We are also able to provide adjustments to glasses from elsewhere for a fee.

Our doctors fit all types of contact lenses from soft to hard, basic to specialty, including keratoconus and scleral contact lenses.  You can order your doctor approved contact lenses in office, or over the phone and we can ship them directly to you.

Some of the brands we carry…

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Tips: How to keep your Eyewear maintained in top condition…

  1. Always remove your glasses with two hands. This ensures the frame stays in adjustment and maintains proper lens and frame alignment.
  2. When you are not wearing your glasses, keep them in their protective case. Do not leave glasses face-down on the lenses
  3. Anti-Reflective coatings may be damaged by exposure to high heat and other household products. Refrain from using hairspray and perfume mist around your eyewear.
  4. Always use the provided lens cleaning cloth and solution to clean your lenses. If this is not available, use a soft cloth and warm water.
  5. Do not leave your glasses on the dashboard or in the glove compartment of your car, even in a case. Extreme heat or cold can damage frames and lenses.
  6. Do NOT try to do your own repairs! If you try to repair your own glasses and are within your manufacturer’s warranty period, the warranty may be void as we have to return the product as is. Come in to our office to have your frames adjusted.  Complementary (no cost) adjustments, nose-pad and screw replacements are a benefit to those who purchase eyewear through our practice.